We have just released updates for Unreal Engine 4.18 for all gameDNA's plugins. Gradle is now the default build system in Unreal Engine 4 and all our plugins support it. Gradle provides faster building times, better dependencies management, and simpler configuration! We highly recommend to switch to Gradle instead of Ant.

You can download updates from GitHub repository (for free and paid plugins) or Sellfy dashboard and UE4 Marketplace (for paid plugins).

If you haven't owned plugins yet, you can buy now on Sellfy or UE4 Marketplace.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail: support [at] gamednastudio.com


Ultimate Mobile Kit 1.5.0
Realtime Database 0.9.4 Early Access
Universal Mobile Ads 2.5.0
Extended Facebook Online Subsystem 2.7.0
Google Analytics Provider 2.6.0
gameDNA installer 1.2.0
Mobile Utils 1.7.0
Android Manifest Configurator 1.6.0
MultiDex 1.4.0
Crashlytics 1.5.0