We are crazy! After 10 days of previous big update we released another one! Many improvements, bugfixes, Google Play Games authentication, Sign In With Google, and four new Firebase modules: Test Lab, Predictions (Machine Learning), A/B Testing, and Cloud Functions.


  • Added support for Google Play Games authentication. Your players can login now to Firebase using Google Play Games.
  • Added new login method: Sign In With Google. Useful for obtaining Id Token and Auth Server Code for login with Google Account and Google Play Games.
  • Added Firebase Test Lab module. Test your games on physical and virtual devices hosted by Google that allow you to run tests that simulate actual usage environments.
  • Added support for Firebase Predictions (Machine Learning). Use the power of Google's machine learning to create dynamic user groups based on players' predicted behavior.
  • Added support for Firebase A/B Testing. Create experiments to optimize the users experience for a business goal.
  • Added support for Firebase Cloud Functions. Run backend code without managing servers and keep your logic private and secure.
  • Firebase SDK updated to 4.5.0
  • Google Play Services updated to 12.0.1
  • Added MD5 Hash to the Firebase Storage Metadata
  • Added support for accessing user metadata.
  • Added Phone Number to the user info.
  • Added a link URL to messages sent to users.
  • Added Message Forwarding Service for Firebase Push Notifications.
  • Fixed occasional crash in Firebase Get File and Firebase Put File on IOS.
  • Fixed a problem with updating user's Display Name.
  • Fixed a problem with not registering multiple parameters in Firebase Analytics Log Event.
  • Fixed calculating FetchTime and ThrottledEndTime in Firebase Remote Config Info.
  • Fixed stability of Firebase Storage Get Metadata and Firebase Storage Update Metadata.
  • Fixed calculating CreationTime, Generation, MetadataGeneration, SizeBytes, and UpdatedTime in Firebase Storage Metadata.
  • Fixed UpdateMetadata when Custom Metadata is empty.
  • Fixed stability of Firebase Storage Reference.
  • Fixed stability of passing parameters to Firebase Send Invite function.
  • Fixed stability of sending messages in Firebase Cloud Messaging.
  • Updated ProGuard rules.
  • Improved overall performance and stability.
  • And other minor bugfixes.

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More info you can find on the official plugin page.

Sign In With Google And Google Play Games

Test Lab