Ultimate Mobile Kit is a plugin for UE4 that lets you integrate the Firebase platform for iOS & Android.

Firebase is a platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality experiences, grow your user base, and earn more money. Firebase is made up of complementary features that you can mix-and-match to fit your needs. You can focus on making your game and not waste time building complex infrastructure.

More info you can find on the official plugin page.

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  • Mobile Analytics – heart of Firebase, see user behavior and measure attribution from a single dashboard.
  • Cloud Messaging – lets you reliably deliver and receive messages at no cost.
  • Push Notifications – schedule and send from dashboard unlimited notifications to engage the right players at the most relevant time.
  • Authentication – authentication system that supports email & password login and adapters for Facebook, Twitter, GitHub and Google Sign-In.
  • Cloud Storage – store and serve user-generated content like save games, images, audio, video or binary data.
  • Remote Config – update your game without deploying a new version and customize content for different Firebase Analytics audiences and measure results.
  • Crash Reporting – receive actionable information on stability issues after you publish your game, prioritize crashes by frequency and impact.
  • Dynamic Links – improve acquisition and engagement by bringing users directly to content that they were originally searching for, whether they have your game installed or not.
  • Invites – complete solution for game referrals and sharing, free email and SMS delivery, let your existing players easy share your game.
  • More Firebase features like Hosting and Test Lab.
  • All features are exposed to Blueprints.
  • Out of the box for mobile platforms: iOS & Android.
  • Works with Blueprint-only & source code projects.
  • Works with Launcher & GitHub UE4 versions.