Ultimate Mobile Kit

Firebase mobile implementation for UE4

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Ultimate Mobile Kit is a plugin for UE4 that lets you integrate the Firebase platform for iOS & Android.

Firebase is a platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality experiences, grow your user base, and earn more money. Firebase is made up of complementary features that you can mix-and-match to fit your needs. You can focus on making your game and not waste time building complex infrastructure.


  • Mobile Analytics – heart of Firebase, see user behavior and measure attribution from a single dashboard.
  • Cloud Messaging – lets you reliably deliver and receive messages at no cost.
  • Push Notifications – schedule and send from dashboard unlimited notifications to engage the right players at the most relevant time.
  • Authentication – authentication system that supports email & password login and adapters for Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Google Sign-In, and Phone Number Authentication.
  • Instance Id - generate unique user IDs for authentication and security tokens for use with other services.
  • Cloud Storage – store and serve user-generated content like save games, images, audio, video or binary data.
  • Remote Config – update your game without deploying a new version and customize content for different Firebase Analytics audiences and measure results.
  • Performance Monitoring – get insights into how your game performs from your users’ point of view, with automatic and customized performance tracing.
  • Crashlytics – track, prioritize, and fix stability issues with lightweight but powerful, realtime crash reporter that improves your game quality.
  • Dynamic Links – improve acquisition and engagement by bringing users directly to content that they were originally searching for, whether they have your game installed or not.
  • Invites – complete solution for game referrals and sharing, free email and SMS delivery, let your existing players easy share your game.
  • Test Lab - test your games on physical and virtual devices hosted by Google that allow you to run tests that simulate actual usage environments.
  • Cloud Functions - run backend code without managing servers and keep your logic private and secure.
  • Predictions - use the power of Google's machine learning to create dynamic user groups based on players' predicted behavior.
  • A/B Testing - create experiments to optimize the users experience for a business goal.
  • Hosting - deploy web page with speed and security without all the hassle.
  • All features are exposed to Blueprints.
  • Supports gameDNA installer. No more downloading SDKs and creating packages on your own!
  • Out-of-the-box for mobile platforms: iOS & Android.
  • Works with Blueprint-only & source code projects.
  • Works with Launcher & GitHub UE4 versions.
  • Compatible with Realtime Database.


  • Full source code available on GitHub private repo!
  • Compatible with iOS & Android (all-in-one)
  • Easy plugin setup
  • All future updates
  • Support via e-mail


  • Current version: 1.10.1
  • Binaries compiled for Unreal Engine: 4.15 - 4.21
  • Required Unreal Engine 4.15 or above.

Community User Guide Example Project

You can test this plugin in our mobile game CHASERS:

Buy on Sellfy (20% off) Buy on UE4 Marketplace


  • Firebase Analytics Init
  • Firebase Analytics Log Event
  • Firebase Analytics Log Event Double
  • Firebase Analytics Log Event Integer
  • Firebase Analytics Log Event String
  • Firebase Analytics Set Current Screen
  • Firebase Analytics Set User Id
  • Firebase Analytics Set User Property
  • Is Firebase Analytics Initialized
  • Firebase Authentication Init
  • Firebase Create User With Email And Password
  • Firebase Delete User
  • Firebase Fetch Providers For Email
  • Firebase Get Logged User
  • Firebase Get User Token
  • Firebase Is User Logged In
  • Firebase Link With Credential
  • Firebase Reauthenticate User
  • Firebase Reload User
  • Firebase Send Email Verification
  • Firebase Send Password Reset Email
  • Firebase Sign In Anonymously
  • Firebase Sign In With Credential
  • Firebase Sign In With Custom Token
  • Firebase Sign In With Email And Password
  • Firebase Sign In With Google
  • Firebase Sign Out
  • Firebase Unlink Provider
  • Firebase Update Email
  • Firebase Update Password
  • Firebase Update User Profile
  • Firebase Verify Phone Number
  • Is Firebase Authentication Initialized
  • Firebase Crashlytics Force Crash
  • Firebase Crashlytics Force Exception
  • Firebase Crashlytics Set User Identifier
  • Firebase Crashlytics Set User Email
  • Firebase Crashlytics Set Username
  • Firebase Crashlytics Write Log
  • Firebase Crashlytics Write Log With Tag And Priority
  • Firebase Crashlytics Set String
  • Firebase Crashlytics Set Bool
  • Firebase Crashlytics Set Float
  • Firebase Crashlytics Set Integer
  • Firebase Dynamic Links Init
  • Firebase Dynamic Links Fetch
  • Firebase Dynamic Links Get Long Link
  • Firebase Dynamic Links Get Short Link
  • Firebase Dynamic Links Create Listener (Events: OnDynamicLinkReceived)
  • Firebase Invites Init
  • Firebase Invites Send Invite
  • Firebase Invites Convert Invitation
  • Firebase Invites Fetch
  • Firebase Invites Get Listener (Events: OnInviteReceived, OnErrorReceived, OnInviteNotReceived)
  • Firebase Instance Id Init
  • Firebase Instance Id Get Token
  • Firebase Instance Id Get Id
  • Firebase Instance Id Delete Token
  • Firebase Instance Id Delete Id
  • Firebase Messaging Init
  • Firebase Send Message
  • Firebase Subscribe Topic
  • Firebase Unsubscribe Topic
  • Is Firebase Messaging Initialized
  • Firebase Remote Config Init
  • Firebase Remote Config Activate Fetched
  • Firebase Remote Config Fetch
  • Firebase Remote Config Get Boolean
  • Firebase Remote Config Get Float
  • Firebase Remote Config Get Integer
  • Firebase Remote Config Get Keys
  • Firebase Remote Config Get Keys By Prefix
  • Firebase Remote Config Get String
  • Firebase Remote Config Last Fetch Get Info
  • Is Firebase Remote Config Initialized
  • Firebase Storage Init
  • Firebase Storage Reference Delete
  • Firebase Storage Reference Get Download Url
  • Firebase Storage Reference Get File
  • Firebase Storage Reference Get Metadata
  • Firebase Storage Reference Put File
  • Firebase Storage Reference Update Metadata
  • Cancel
  • Child
  • Get Bucket
  • Get Full Path
  • Get Parent
  • Get Platform Storage Path
  • Get Unreal Storage Path
  • Get Save Game Storage Path
  • Get Progress
  • Get Short Name
  • Get Storage Reference From Path
  • Get Storage Reference From Url
  • Get Storage Reference to Root
  • Is Paused
  • Is Valid
  • Pause
  • Resume
  • Firebase Start Performance Trace
  • Stop
  • Increment Counter
  • Firebase Test Lab Get Game Loop Scenario
  • Firebase Test Lab Take Screenshot
  • Firebase Test Lab Finish Test
  • Firebase Email Credential
  • Firebase Facebook Credential
  • Firebase GitHub Credential
  • Firebase Google Credential
  • Firebase Google Play Games Credential
  • Firebase Twitter Credential
  • Firebase Boolean Variant
  • Firebase Float Variant
  • Firebase Integer Variant
  • Firebase String Variant
  • Firebase Check Google Play Availability
  • Firebase Make Google Play Available
  • User Signed In
  • User Signed Out
  • Message Received
  • Token Received